Hayden's Ferry Review #25

HFR #25
Issue no.: 
Issue dates: 
Fall / Winter 1999-00 - SOLD OUT

Cover Art

Detail of "Season Promotion Poster for American Players Theatre, 1998" by Planet Design Company


Chris Fink, Ann Cummins, Cynthia Anderson, Dennis McFadden, David Peterson, Robert Wilder


Vandan Khanna, Simon Perchik, Cullen Bailey Burns, Lisa Yanover, Michael Burkard, Rob Cook, Maurice Manning, Bob Hicok, Jane Hirshfield, Virgil Suarez, Forrest Hamer, Laura Jensen, Rebecca Aronson, Marta Boswell, Michael Murray, Jeff Hardin, Dale M. Kushner, D. Nurkse, Michael Dumanis, Matt Shindell, Patricia Ann Nagy, Michael Van Walleghen, Joshua Corey


Editor's note: This issue features contemporary posters in which traditional printmaking techniques are the main method of production. The contributors include four small presses: MKimberly Press, Yee-Haw Industries, Hatch Show Print, and The Silver Buckle Press, as well as two design shops: Alliance Grahpics and Planet Design Company.

Kevin Bradley, Jos Sances, Mare Blocker