Hayden's Ferry Review #48

HFR #48
Issue no.: 
Issue dates: 
Spring / Summer 2011 - SOLD OUT

Cover Art

Cairn, Spitsbergen 2003 by Christian Hogue

From his “Arctic Technology” series taken on the island of Svalbard. This secluded island is one of the most untouched areas in the world and contains the cleanest atmosphere man can find. Its physical circumstances and northerly position make ita Mecca for scientists, who have installed extensive technical constructions for climate research and space observations.

Responses to Cover Image

Elizabeth Graver • Jeremy Allan Hawkins


Naomi Benaron, Meagan Cass, Luke Geddes, Michael Powers, Anne Valente, Robert Warwick


Mary Angelino, J. Scott Brownlee, Mario Chard, Diya Chaudhuri, Susanna Childress, Shayok Chowdhury, Lisa Fay Coutley, Nicole Cullen, Brian Dickson, Patrick Ryan Frank, Evan Harrison, Heidi Hart, Jen Jabaily-Blackburn, Janine Joseph, Jason Labbe, Keith Leonard, Patricia Lockwood, Rachel Mennies, Hannah Sanghee Park, Mary Quade, Jacques J. Rancourt, Donika Ross, Holly Simonsen, Sarah J. Sloat, S.E. Smith, Kevin Weidner, William Kelley Woolfitt

Short Forms

Sally Bellerose, Darryl Berger, Simeon Berry, Jamison Crabtree, Michael Brooks Cryer, Anne Earney, Krista Eastman, Erika Eckart, Chidelia Edochie, Katie Farris, Emma Hine, Caroline Klocksiem, Carmen Lau, Tara Masih, Kevin McIlvoy, Michael Meyerhofer, Michele Ruby, Chad Sweeney, Julie Thi Underhill


Mario Benedetti (translated by Harry Morales), Janis Einfelds (translated by Inara Cedrins), Juan Gelman (translated by Lisa Rose Bradford), Mario Materassi, Pierre Peuchmaurd (translated by E.C. Belli), Anna Piwkowska (translated by Iza Wojciechowska), Ronny Someck (translated by Robert Manaster and Hana Inbar), Perhat Tursun (translated by Joshua L. Freeman)


Eula Biss (interviewed by Caleb Powell)


Roger Ballen, Scott Alan Cox, Christian Houge, Catherine Larré, Viviane Sassen, Jacob Aue Sobol, Harvey Stein, Angela Strassheim